About Insika

Insika foundation is a 100% wholly female, youth and black-owned Management Consulting Company focusing amongst others on programme and project management of key water / sanitation, environment projects, capacity building and institutional development as well as community development. INSIKA FOUNDATION also project manages water sector transformation projects, mainly around managing outsourced internship programmes within local municipalities, on behalf of the sector partner. The Managing Member and the team of INSIKA FOUNDATION have more than 40 years of collective programme and project management experience in the public sector and private sector, which include amongst others involvement in the provision of water resources / services management (including infrastructure assessment and rehabilitation), environmental management, corporate human resources management, corporate marketing management, corporate governance, government relations, institutional development and capacity building as well as community development programmes (with in-depth experience in the formation of institutions, including founding constitution development, business plan development for funding and ultimate operations). INSIKA FOUNDATION can thus offer a comprehensive water and wastewater management solutions that reflects the core strengths and competencies of its core resource team and where necessary extends its services, through utilising leading experts, whilst retaining full responsibility and accountability.

Gabsie’s Business Solutions is a sister Organisation of Ubuntu Sima and Insika Foundation, with a similar shareholder structure and similar set of skills and competencies. The Organisations are active in community development, water, waste water infrastructure, environmental management and engineering project management support.