The purpose of this initiative is to recognise Insika Foundation employees who have gone over and above their core job function and have shown exceptional productivity and leadership qualities during the course of the Month.

Estrobyda Arendse – (Site Manager)

Breede Valley Site

Estrobyda is responsible for supporting the feeding initiatives of partners in Breede Valley.


Estrobyda is recognised and applauded for displaying the following attributes: leadership excellence, quality performance, positive attitude, exemplary team participation, professionalism, loyalty to the company and she carriers out additional activities over and above her job assignments.

“Throughout the Lockdown period, Estrobyda and her team continued to service the Breede Valley community. Understanding the impact of COVID 19 on poor households, the CWP team led by Estrobyda continued to establish and expand existing food gardens and produce was distributed to poorer households. Together with our partner organisation, Do More Foundation, thousands of households were provided with much needed food parcels. She made herself available throughout the planning and implementation phases of the initiative and showed great leadership. We would also like to thank the Do More Foundation and their partners for the wonderful work they do in this municipality”- WC Provincial Manager, Naym Daniels.