Insika Foundation adheres to our procurement to ensure good financial management in order to maximise service delivery. To register as a supplier to the Insika Foundation you need to be in the possession of the following mandatory compliance documents:

*Company registration certificate
*An original valid tax clearance certificate (must be valid for one year)
*Sworn affidavit signed by a Commissioner of Oaths or Valid B-BBEE Certificate (must be valid for one year)
*Proof of Registration with National Treasury Central Supplier Database (CSD ) (must be valid for one year)
*Certified ID copies of All Director/s of the company  (must be valid for three months)
* Insika form 1 – Declaration of supplier’s past supply chain management practices
*Insika form 2 – Certificate of independent request for quotation (RFQ) determination
*Insika form 3 – Declaration of interest
*Insika form 4 – Declaration certificate for local production and content for designated sectors