Ayanda Mkize – KZN

Ayanda Mkize – KZN

My name is Ayanda Mkize and I grew up in Magabheni Township. I did my Internship through CATHSETA and was placed as an intern at a company called Bluff Eco Park. During my internship I acquired skills such as Telephone Etiquette, Customer Service, Business Administration and Communication.

I studied Tourism Management and being a Front Desk Receptionist Intern in the Accommodation Sector really assisted me in understanding the basics of Accommodation and Bookings. I would like to see myself as a Hotel Manager in future.

I learnt more about listening to clients to understand what they need during their stay. I also learnt a lot about different types of Online Booking Websites. The importance of portraying a professional image, smiling and being friendly to customers and understanding different languages was very important in the job. Being a team player and also working independently was also required and I was able to identify my strengths and weaknesses. This job also required creative thinking and problem solving. I would love to thank Insika Foundation and CATHSETA for the opportunity they gave me.

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